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Stud dogs

We are the best in the field of dog breeding. Legally-recognized experts, we believe that a good stud dog is able to improve a breed significantly by transmitting the best of qualities to their offspring and maximizing the potential of the bitch's gene pool.

Particularly with breeds like the Maltese, in terms of breeding the value of a male is not determined by the number of offspring produced by different females. The greater the number of puppies from the same litter with a high-quality gene pool and great potential, the more significant the dog's genes and the greater their ability to improve the quality of the breed. Our dogs are descendants of champions - the best representatives of the breed, and their pedigree information covers at least four generations.

We pay special attention to the male parents, who transmit the basic genetic potential. Our Maltese dogs are brought up from birth in a special way, they are regularly used for planned mating. In order for a male to give fully-rounded offspring and to be able to improve the breed, he requires special education, nutrition and care. We take an individual approach to each of the dogs and for each of them we have developed a special regime, which takes into account their character, taste and preferences. Our experts closely monitor their health, nutrition and exercise of dogs intended for breeding.

Djagger Star Ot Pandy Sharm
Djagger Star Ot Pandy Sharm
Champion of Russia
RKF Champion
Illusion Of Lovely House (import Korea)
owner Elena Gaynulina
Illusion Of Lovely House (import Korea)
Junior Russian Champion, Russian Champion, RKF Champion

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