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Biewer puppies for sale

If you are thinking about buying a Biewer Yorkshire terrier puppy you need to know that we sell Biewer Yorkshire terriers at no earlier than 2.5-3 months of age and the come with a full package of documents, are fully vaccinated and chipped and have RKF documents. We do not sell puppies without papers, because every Biewer puppy is a part of our reputation, which we cherish.

The price of a Biewer Yorkshire terrier depends on the quality of a particular puppy, its origin and its prospects.

Puppies from two champions may cost more.

When buying, you need to decide why you want your dog. Do you want to participate in shows or just have a pet?

Mini Biewer puppies are sold as pets only, due to their small size and weight, they can not participate in shows or be used for breeding.

We take an individual approach to each puppy and its future owner.

When you are buying a Multi color yorkie puppy, you get the professional advice of our best experts for life. This is one of the advantages of buying a puppy from our kennel.

You need to use publicly-available sources to study the characteristics of the Biewer Yorkshire terrier breed, as well as the possible risks associated with the illnesses, to which your chosen breed of dog may have a predisposition.

Biewers live an average of 15 years, so please be responsible when entering into the purchase of a Biewer Yorkie puppy.

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