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Stud dogs

Non-professionals think that breeding dogs is just about mating two dogs of the same breed with each other. The truth is that a beautiful dog is not just a random combination of genes. It is much more. It is working with livestock day in and day out, it is analysis and the ability to recognize one's own mistakes and the ability to learn from the mistakes of others, it is having an instinct for animals, for example, looking at a puppy which is rather nondescript at first glance and suddenly seeing its full potential, which is eventually revealed and turns into a dream of a show dog. In short, it's an obsession.

We have exceedingly high standards for the male stud dogs. The King Charles spaniel is relatively new to Russia and has not spread. At this point, we have only one stud dog in the kennel and he has justified all our hopes – he transmits only the very best quality and a beautiful loving temperament to his puppies. So, let me introduce them:

Dorian Dlya Pandy Sharm Is Doma Na Barishihe aka Rio
color tricolor  
Dorian Dlya Pandy Sharm Is Doma Na Barishihe aka Rio
Russian Champion
RKF Champion
Wau ot Pandy Sharm
color tricolor  
Wau ot Pandy Sharm

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