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The Maltese is a very intelligent, affectionate and faithful dog. It is full of energy and can go for long walks.

This breed of dog is friendly to children and other animals. They are easily trained and tend to be one person/one family dogs. These fearless dogs act like big dogs in a small body. One glance is enough to see their character.

Brave and quick to raise the alarm about a suspicious noise or strangers, they can be prone to excessive barking, which can be cured with training. Some representatives of this breed have finicky eating habits, so don't give a Maltese titbits at the table.

The hair and eyes of the Maltese lapdogs require constant care. The wrong food can cause the eyes to leak. Daily brushing will prevent hair becoming tangled. If desired, you can give this mini lapdog a beautiful hairstyle which will greatly simplify caring for these fascinating dogs.

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