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Terms of our puppies sale 

1. Miniature breed puppies are sold at the age of 2.5 months, not earlier, small breeds are sold no earlier than 2 months, medium breeds are sold no earlier than 1.5 months, all puppies are vaccinated.

2. Puppies are sold chipped and with documents (RKF puppy card, vet passport with vaccinations recorded and the contract of sale).

3. The availability of documents for the puppy does not oblige you to attend shows or breed them.

4. We do not sell puppies as being show dogs. A puppy can simply show promise at the time of sale. We can not guarantee the puppy will have a career as a show and/or breeding dog, nor that it has the ability to reproduce, we can only make assumptions about its development. The dog is sold as is, with all the risks associated with the development and growth of a living organism. The seller does not offer a guarantee regarding the development of the dog's teeth after the change of teeth, that the dog will grow to meet a particular breed size or regarding any other change in the dog's appearance caused by the process of growth, which may affect its breeding prospects and/or its ability to participate in dog shows.

5. We guarantee the health of the puppy at the time of sale.

6. We are not responsible for any genetic diseases manifested after the sale of the dog. The breeder is not responsible for any physical or mental defects associated with the dog's environment (care, education, feeding, veterinary care, etc.), which have arisen since the dog was transferred to the buyer. We accept no liability for the illness or death of a dog due to improper handling or an accident.

7. Prior to purchase, the buyer is obliged to examine the breed standard for the dog they are buying and the possible risks and ailments associated with to breed of dog selected by the buyer. 8. The kennel does not sell puppies to dealers, resellers or for commercial use. Puppies are sold to owners in caring loving homes.

9. The warranty regarding the puppy’s growth and the development of its teeth applies no earlier than at 12 months of age.

10. When buying a puppy in our kennel, you get professional help and advice from the breeder.

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