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Teacup teddy poodles puppies

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The Teddy Poodle is the most miniature type of poodle. The little ones have a gentle and kind character. They are characterized by a lack of aggression and a high level of obedience.

First of all, these dogs do not shed. This means that they do not leave hair all over the house and do not cause allergic reactions in family members.

Secondly, miniature teddy poodles are great with children. They are gentle and playful companions for young children and can be safe toys in your child's hands.

The third benefit is that these dogs are great at understanding the moods of their owners. They are able to sense emotions and adjust to them. This makes them great companions for people who are looking for a pet that can support them in difficult moments.

In addition, miniature teddy poodles do not have a specific odor. This makes caring for them more pleasant and comfortable for their owners. Finally, these dogs lend themselves well to training. They are intelligent and quickly learn new commands.

Overall, Miniature Teddy Poodles are a great choice for people who want a micro-sized hypoallergenic dog. They combine great qualities such as being hypoallergenic, kid-friendly, emotionally sensitive, odor-free, and easy to train.

  • Height - 16 - 23 cm
  • Weight - 1,5 - 3 kg
  • Life expectancy - 12 -15 years
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Our team is here to help you choose the right Teddy Poodle Mini puppy and answer any questions you may have. We do our best to make your experience of acquiring a new family member pleasant and memorable.

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For each of our pets we care with all our heart and we are always happy to help with advice and real help. In practice, it turns out that buying a puppy from us, you become a member of a large and friendly family ot Pandy Sharm.

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