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Pomeranian personality.

Regardless of their specific breed, Spitz are great companions. They are affectionate, sociable and get along well with children and other animals, most of them are friendly to strangers. Spitz like to accompany their owner anywhere, they take great pleasure in walking and participating in games with other dogs.

By their nature, Spitz are inquisitive and emotional. Pointless barking must be dealt with firmly from puppyhood.

Spitz are very clever and easily trained, they are unsurpassed crowd-pleasers. Their smiling, attractive faces and funny tricks will please anyone.

Grooming and care.

The Spitz's coat is not difficult to care for, but, nevertheless, it does require attention. Spitz puppies must be groomed with a massage brush at least 3 times a week, and washed once every 7-10 days. An adult Spitz needs to be groomed 1-2 times a week (depending on the structure of the coat) and washed every 2 weeks, a show dog needs to be washed every 7-10 days. For washing use a special moisturising shampoo and conditioner or balm (for example, Solaro, Crown Royal, Artero, Chris Christensen, Pauer Paw, Pappy Plush, etc.). For grooming, use moisturising sprays or balms, diluted 1 to 12 with warm water. It is important to spray Spitz hair before brushing it. When the house is hot, you can spray your Spitz's coat often to avoid it drying out. You will not have any problems with hair being shed onto furniture and clothes during seasonal moulting, proviced that you wash your Spitz once a week and comb it throughout the day.

The size and weight of the Spitz.

Spitz are divided into several types depending on their size. The most common are the Pomeranians and the Toy Spitz.

The Pomeranian Spitz is also sometimes called the Miniature or Dwarf Spitz or the PomPom Dog. All these names are synonymous with the same breed. The Pomeranian is the smallest variety of Spitz. Height varies from 18 to 22.5 cm. Weight can be from 1.7 kg to 3.5 kg, depending on the strength of the core and the condition of the dog.

The Toy Spitz is also called the Keeshond or the German Spitz. Fully growth, a Toy Spitz stands 22-29 cm, with a weight of 2.5 kg or more, depending on the strength of the bones and the overall condition of the Spitz.

When looking a puppies, it is often very difficult to determine their future growth, so the decision as to which breed group a dog belongs is only taken after 7 months.

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