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World Dog Show 2016 - our PomeranianTrevor (Thai Silk Unique Perspective) won first the most difficult and huge (more than 40 dogs in the ring!) Class, and then the Best Male and the World Champion 2016 and (oh God!) and BEST OF BREED! Became the third in the group's Best. And that's not all! I won WDS in the best pair! I congratulate and sincerely thank everyone involved in this victory - Irina Pipkova and Svetlana Mironenko.

Happy congratulating  my beloved friend Svetochka Stepovaya on winning the intermediate class Ultrasea ot Pandy Sharm, and Style Elegance Rizza Ot Pandy Sharm was selected as a judge in the top six female champions,

I'm happy for my white debutante Amazing Favorite ot Pandy Sharm, who took the audience award and the third place in the WDS class on the WDS and the first at the Specialty show .I want to congratulate all our owners on a worthy performance and Estimates for WDS 

We showed 4 dogs and all have great results there

Pomeranian spitz Kromvel Ot Pandy Sharm (owners Gaynulina & Kovalenko.) intermediate class winner!

Thai Silk Unique Perspective (Trevor) - exc. in Champions

Maltese Elodia Lera Ot Pandy Sharm 3d pl. in junors class. Huge congratulations to owner Tatyana Bainova and thanks to the groomer and handler Irina Kovaleva for excellent work.

Another one maltese Elegia Lera Ot Pandy Sharm - exc. in junior class.

Владелец питомника Гайнулина Елена Леонидовна ведет консультативный приём для владельцев собак из питомника "от Панды Шарм", по вторникам и четвергам с 18 до 20 часов.Предварительная запись по телефону 8-922-22-66-706 с 13-15 часов. Ждём Вас друзья!

"God, help me to be the person my dog thinks I am...…"

There are all kinds of amazing dogs - stern guard dogs, brave fighting dogs, courageous hunting dogs and clever sniffer dogs. For us, its the decorative breeds which have stolen our hearts. We nurture our dogs with all our heart and soul and nobody understands better than us how important and wonderful it is to have someone who loves you for who you are. Our kennel "Ot Pandy Sharm" is, above all, a close-knit team of people who have dedicated their entire lives to improving a few decorative breeds.

Our special group

We are engaged in breeding work with the following dog breeds: our cuddly bears the Pomeranians, handsome Yorkshire terriers, gentle Maltese terriers and our little balls of fluff, the Biewer Yorkies. We also have rare breeds such as the King Charles Spaniel, the dog of English kings and the white-chocolate marvels the Biro Yorkies.

We look after our animals like our own children. We, more than anyone, understand that while anatomy, hair, smooth body proportions and good teeth are all important, it is also important that the dog has a well-rounded personality. For this reason we can confidently say that when you buy a puppy from "От Панды Шарм" you will receive a suitable and well-socialized partner who will live with you for years to come. From an early age, all our puppies interact with children, cats, and other dogs of all sizes, so they develop an extremely stable personality and they are incredibly friendly.

Our work

Under the guidance of Elena Gaynulina, the staff in our kennel show true passion for their work, namely to improve the breeding of the breeds which live in our kennel. Our dogs are constantly involved in various shows, from the local to the regional World and European championships, and our main goal is... to win them! We have important bloodlines and genes for our puppies, because it is a guarantee that they will be proper and healthy representative of the breed.

Our puppies

The price of our animals varies according to their level. We can supply puppies which demonstrate promise as elite show animals and we can also supply puppies as pets to be wonderful companions and make a house a home. Most importantly of all, however, is the fact that all our puppies are outstanding representatives of their breed and are absolutely healthy and sound in every way as all the kids (yes, that's right, the puppies are our children), without exception, are under the close supervision of the best veterinarians and are fed on a time-tested diet of the best food.

To learn more about the puppies, the breeds and their care, you can write to us at the following e-mail

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