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Colour Yorkshire Terrier

In the winter of 2004-2005, in two well-known German nurseries, two puppies of extraordinary colour were born only six weeks apart. They were chocolate on a white background and had gold on their heads. The new colour pleased the breeders so much that the kennels joined forces and very soon, in record time, the Biro Yorkshire Terrier breed was created and registered. Despite the fact that the breed has only emerged recently, it is gaining popularity rapidly. Still, after all these are chocolate-coloured Yorkies! Perhaps the breed should be called the "tiramisu", but the breeders, who were confident of the success of the new breed, decided to name it after themselves. "Biro" is an acronym based on the names of the breed's creators Birgit Rösner and Roberto Kra. Our kennel, ot Pandy Sharm, was one of the first to bring the Biro Yorkie to Russia. We just could not wait!

Biro Yorkie temperament

In addition to its spectacular, "dessert" appearance, the Biro Yorkie boasts an excellent temperament and high intelligence. The nature and physical appearance of the Biro Yorkie are inherited from the Yorkshire terrier; this is the same harmonious little dog. Biro Yorkies are easily trained, sensitive to the mood of their owners, cheerful, affectionate and loyal.

The small size of Biro Yorkies means that they can share even the smallest homes, while their courage and sociability makes them perfect companions. They love living the high life and having fun adorning the hands of their owners. They are the centre of admiration and enthusiasm wherever they go!

Biro Yorkshire terriers adore children. Active and energetic, they are faithful to their friends in games and pranks. They also get along well with other dogs, cats and other pets. There can be difficulties with small rodents as the hunting instinct is still there. However, if you suddenly get the feeling that rodents are your friends, rather than a source of protein and fat, you will easily be able to convey that message to your new little pet. Walking is optional for Biro Yorkies, as they can use a litter box or an absorbent nappy as a toilet, but the little dogs just love to be outdoors. Please, do not deprive them of that pleasure!


Caring for the hair is usually not a problem. Use a good shampoo and skin cleanser once a week, brush them daily and give them regular haircuts to your taste - that's all there is to it.

In short, chocolate - is the new black!

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