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Puppies for sale

So, you have decided to buy a King Charles Spaniel puppy. How can you avoid making a mistake when choosing a puppy?

Let's start with the fact that you have two options - buy a puppy in a kennel or buy one based on an ad from a private breeder. In the second case, you have the opportunity to buy a puppy at a lower price, but you essentially enter a minefield, who knows what hereditary diseases and problems the puppy may develop later and how much the treatment will cost.

Breeding dogs requires a responsible approach, with knowledge of the breed and its specific lines. Only when this is the this case are you guaranteed to become the owner of a puppy which is a healthy member of the breed (and not one which just vaguely resembles a King Charles spaniel puppy). The higher price of the King Charles spaniel puppy will justify itself in the future, as a new member in your home could be there for more than 10 years.

Our kennel sells only puppies who are fully vaccinated according to their age, raised properly and who have parents who have passed a medical examination before the mating and, as a rule, have already proven themselves as breeding animals. Your visits to the vet will be reduced to going once a year for booster vaccinations. We advise our owners as needed around the clock and solve any problems with regard to how to go about breeding and training dogs the right way.

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