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Maltese Illusion Of Lovely House (import Korea)

Sex: Male
Price: to rent in Italy
Owner: Elena Gaynulina

Junior Russian Champion, Russian Champion, RKF Champion


Ilya isn't just a Maltese breeding dog. This handsome fellow also performs a very important task in the household, he protects it from unnecessary disturbances and wipes away tiredness. He is very active, agile, surprisingly patient and can be indispensable when people are gathered in the home. Ilyushka gets along well with children, being at the same time both very sensitive and very tactful, making him an extraordinarily kind and gentle mentor for them in all their games and pranks. This Maltese loves photo shoots, where you can show off in front of the camera and communicate with different people. He never fails to touch people's hearts and always shows his good manners and refinement - and what puppies he makes! With the right hair type, near-perfect conformation and a head which is full of pedigree refinement. He is offered by the kennel for mating with good pedigree bitches.



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