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Biewer Yorkshire terrier Rasming ot Pandy Sharm

Sex: Male
Birthdate: 09.10.2015
Potential: super mini size
Price: Switzerland


Rasming ot Pandy Sharm

Zinedine Zidane – Lord Vom Sternenschloesschen (import Germany))
Junior Champion of Russia, two-time champion of Russia, Young Winner "Eurasia-2013", winner of the IDS "RUSSIA 2014-1", twice champion of RKF, Club Champion, Champion OANKOO, Grand Champion of Russia

Оля-Ля-Фам от Панды Шарм

Would you like to play cards? When viewed from the back, you can clearly see the spades. On the other hand - Hearts. And with a small comb focus p - even of clubs. Tiny Puppy Biewer york super-mini size. It brings good luck in card games. Well, about the cards we are joking of course, but it must be said that to find a puppy - in itself a huge success. The friendly and cheerful boy. By the way, this trump card in the sleeve can be worn without fear of accusations of cheating!


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