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Biewer Yorkshire terrier Alvarez ot Pandy Sharm

Sex: Male
Birthdate: 22.10.2015


Alvarez ot Pandy Sharm

Zinedine Zidane – Lord Vom Sternenschloesschen (имп. Германия)
Юный Чемпион России, Двукратный Чемпион России, Юный Победитель "Eurasia-2013", Победитель выставки "РОССИЯ 2014-1", Двукратный Чемпион РКФ, Чемпион НКП, Чемпион ОАНКОО, Гранд Чемпион России

mum: Bizhual Vell Ot Pandy Sharm

It seems that the puppy knows more than others. It does not age wise, tactful and unmistakable needs of others. In general, if charming scoundrels, smiling after every skirt is not for you and you value loyalty and reliability - take a look at our Alvarez. Especially a guy with so great pedigree, well-built and waiting for you.

Such Biewer Yorkie are big rare, hurry! Price on request..


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