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Pomeranian Dream Team Bingo Super Star (Bingo) - import Thailand

Sex: Male
Color: white
Owner: Elena Gaynulina


Bingo is a dog that we bought when he was 3 months old. Even as a child it was clear that this dog was a star, so we decided to give him a name worthy of show-business. Bingo  is a high-quality snow-white Pomeranian, he is always happy about everything, even when we criticize him, he does not take offense at us, but wags his tail. Every day, chatting with Bingo always makes everyone in our family feel positive.  He loves to pose with a sweet smile on his adorable face, waving his legs like a circus dog. Madly in love with children, people and other dogs, Bingo is a companion dog with a capital C. Bingo is preparing to attend shows, I am teaching him to walk nicely on a leash and to stand in his place. We love our little Bingo.



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