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Pomeranian Fluke Pom's Joey (Varezhka) - import Thailand

Sex: Male
Color: particolor
Owner: Elena Gaynulina


Mittens – we called him that ourselves, because he came to us aged 2.5 months and weighed only 280 grams. When he was carried off the plane, I was surprised that this little miracle managed to reach us from Bangkok. What saved Mittens is that he ate very well and literally lived the first 6 months with me. Mitten met all my expectations and has grown into a very handsome Pomeranian. When I saw his father, I wanted a puppy from him because I had never seen such a high-quality Pomeranian with those party colours. From Mittens’ first litter we kept Pireyru from Pandy Sharm and Pandomaniyu from Pandy Sharm. We just could not part with them; his daughters have grown into beauties. Mitten is a very good father. He is very brave; sometimes we are more concerned for him than he is for himself. Cool guy!



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