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Чихуа-хуа Hellow Kitty ot Pandy Sharm

Пол: Сука
Окрас: white-orange
Владелец: Shabanova Irina

best baby at Chihihua specialty

This breed was worshiped by the Maya, these dogs are considered the ancestors of all small breeds, they are an indicator of status and respectability, finally, they are real courageous warriors imprisoned in a tiny body.

Many, falling in love with the sneeze, are wondering - where to buy a chihuahua puppy inexpensive? Unfortunately, a thoroughbred puppy with the right anatomy and psyche can not cost cheap. Kitty is the daughter of elite producers, grown on super premium fodder and already has several awards. This girl is invested a lot of work and money, but it is an ideal representative of the breed and an excellent companion. We have high hopes for Kitty in the show career and the future tribal bitch of the home.


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