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Stud dogs

Even though there is no shortage of dogs available for breeding, it is actually a major challenge to find a good male of show class. Often, the dogs look very handsome, but when you look at their pedigree, it becomes clear that their good looks are the result of inbreeding - closely related genetics, which carries a big risk of health problems for their puppies even after many generations.

Our chihuahua males have excellent pedigrees and clean genetic lines. Their children always inherit the best qualities of the breed along with good health. All males from the "Ot Pandy Sharm" kennel are regularly checked by a veterinarian, have all the necessary certificates and proven track records as stud dogs.

Dreamteam Called Me Coey (Dream)
owner Elena Gaynulina, import Thailand
Dreamteam Called Me Coey (Dream)
Dreamteam Called Me Joey
owner Elena Gaynulina import Thailand
Dreamteam Called Me Joey

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