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How to teach your Spitz or Yorkie, or puppy of any other small breed go to the toilet in the tray.

When taking home a puppy, ask the breeder how to solve the issue with toilet training - where to go and what the puppies defecate on. If possible, bring a nappy or a newspaper ... eeee ... native scents, let's put it that way.

For the period immediately after the puppy arrives in the house, it is best to limit them to one room or cage, in which you should certainly put a nappy, taken from their breeder's house.

I recommend a 6-8 cage of 60 cm in height from the metal - it is mobile and easy to clean and transport. A cage or small room will be easier for a puppy to navigate. In fact for a tiny puppy the area of an average-sized apartment is equivalent to the area of ​​a stadium or shopping centre. They can be overwhelmed with impressions in such a short space of time and feel lost.

In pet stores, there is a huge selection of different absorbent nappies, but I recommend leaving them and buying an orange soft cloth for cleaning the floor from a hardware store - they absorb puddles perfectly and are easily washable and difficult to chew. Disposable nappies are often seen as a great toy by puppies and even as a treat. Come home, and you have "snow" all over the place. It's beautiful, yes, but keep in mind that eating the contents of the nappy is very dangerous. Absorbent nappies are good only for transportation and adult dogs who do not have strange eating habits.

When the puppy is brought in a new place and has access to all the rooms in your apartment or house, then put a rag in every room, the kitchen, the hallway so it's always easy for the puppy to find them. Whenever the puppy uses the "toilet" on purpose, praise and encourage him. Give him a two-millimeter cube of cheese - no more! This will be a great reward for cleanliness!

As your little Pomeranian grows older, choose a few rags for urinating. Gradually, it will be possible to reduce the number of "toilets", shifting the cloth to a place where you would like to keep your dog's toilet. If suddenly your puppy decides not to use the toilet, do not abuse him and moreover, do not poke his nose in it! The puppy will not understand why he has been scolded or punished, but next time he will choose to urinate in a more secluded place, or, even worse, you will no longer be trusted. If you see the puppy trying to make a puddle, it is severe enough to say "no" and move him to the cloth.

There is another method to accustom the puppy to the toilet. If you have a balcony and it is safe for the puppy to be there, you can cover the floor with newspaper or the same cloth for cleaning the floor. During the day, at intervals of every 2-3 hours and after feeding or sleep, let the puppy use it. Newspaper is beautifully absorbent, it also inhibits odours and it is easy to change. The Pomeranian is a very clever and neat creation and a puppy will quickly get used to relieving himself in the right place.

I never get tired of repeating that the Pomeranian is not a lap dog and it must be taken for walks in the street. It will give your pet great pleasure and be useful for its development and you can easily teach your puppy to take its needs outside.

But while a puppy is small or if you are away from home for a long time, a "home" toilet may also be useful. For the "adult" a toilet can be convenient plastic cat or dog tray, a car mat is also well suited for this purpose, but it is best to teach him no earlier than eight months of age. The tray can be filled with a mat or a reusable absorbent nappy.

I wish you success and cleanliness in the house!


Elena Gaynulina, 

veterinarian, breeder "Ot Pandy Sharm"


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