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Pomeranian Svetskyi Raut Ot Pandy Sharm aka Luchik

Sex: Female
Color: orange
Owner: Степовая С.

Best puppy of the Breed, Best Junior, 2 BOB, Junior Russian Champion, RKF Champion, Russian Champion


We often find a red ball of fluff under our feed and we can't tell which end is the head and which is the tail, it moves so quickly and tirelessly.  It goes by the proud name of Svetski Raut.  It has such a bright, lively personality that in the house we just call it Luchik.

Despite the sophisticated name and awe-inspiring pedigree, Luchik has the habits of an everyday child.  She likes to splash through all the puddles, if there's a fight, only the leash stops her from getting into the thick of things, if someone from the family takes the sausage away from the table, then Luchik is a firm believer in the principle of "share and share alike with me". It was she who taught it to us and she taught us well.

If you are interested this Pomeranian bear, who you can buy from us, then be prepared for non-stop movement and hilarious antics, this little girl is the life and soul of the kennel.



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