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Pomeranian Ecliptica ot Pandy Sharm aka Klipa

Sex: Female
Color: оранж
Owner: co-owned with Kostareva A.

Russian Champion


Wet curious nose, eyes full of love, heavy sighs of grief if her owner leaves for a while, infinite and adorable happiness when people come home...  We’ve never ever seen such an expressive and emotional little Pomeranian.

Ecliptica of Pandy Sharm - is the embodiment of love and devotion. She can spend hours lying quietly beside her owner to brighten their solitude, while not interfering with it - this dog’s tact is the envy of many people. She has never run away to be with other dogs and won’t be tempted away from her human, not even for a delicious mean, because for this little lady the greatest pleasure in life is cuddles and company.

Little Pomeranian - that's what a lot of people are missing. This breed is human-focussed like no other. If you need a very good friend, this is your dog.


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