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Pomeranian Kukla Masha Ot Pandy Sharm

Sex: Female
Color: orange
Owner: Gaynulina


Father: Thai Silk Zeppelin To Skys (Sky) (color orange)

Junior Russian Champion Central American Champion Champion of Russia Champion of Hungary

This little lady is a Pomeranian Dwarf Spitz and her coat flows like a long skirt as she keeps pace with me everywhere and as we get on our knees together to solve crosswords. Yes on hands and knees, she feels that this is the right way to go about it. Since this is a fully-fledged fashion model, straight from nature, it's essential for her to try to show off in front of everyone. She finds herself in every photo! Her attire complements her graceful gait, and is always in tip top condition. Her head and muzzle could only belong to a born star. This dog doesn't just enjoy communication, she experiences and follows the tone of the conversation, she even understands when you sing a lullaby.


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