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Erdi Julia ot Pandy Sharm elite Pomeranian

Erdi Julia ot Pandy Sharm

Sex: Female
Color: orange


If you dream of owning an élite Pomeranian Spitz, the children of our Erdi Julia from Pandy Sharm, will surpass all your expectations. This lady was born to very special parents and she has perfect health and equally perfect looks.

Erdi is a girl with character, she has all the humans and other animals in the house under her paw and everyone obeys her commands without question. She is first to eat or drink, first to go out into the street and if her ladyship really wants a particular toy, then so be it, it does not matter if someone else is playing with it already.

Elite Pomeranians are in demand today as they are far more than just decorations, while this dog does indeed have a beautiful exterior, she also has a character any owner will appreciate


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