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Pomeranian Peyppien Snow Ot Pandy Sharm (Peppy)

Sex: Female
Color: white
Owner: Степовая С.

Лучший Бэби Породы, BISB-2


If your dream dog is a Pomeranian, then you definitely need a Pomeranian of good breeding, one like Peppa, who, incidentally, is considered a benchmark for a cream-coloured Spitz.

Peppa looks like an ephemeral creature, who eats the morning dew, and lives in dreamland, but this is definitely a case when appearances are deceptive. This little lapdog has a terrible nickname "Stalin in a skirt." It is she who tells off members of the household, if, in her opinion, they are not behaving themselves properly.

No, she doesn't bite, she doesn't even growl, she just refuses to please her family member, in fact she cold shoulders them completely. It's useless to call her, to lure her with a treat or to try to placate her in any way. Peppa is very principled and incorruptible.



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