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Pomeranian Astorm-Bravo Ot Pandy Sharm

Sex: Male


Some dogs are pessimists, but our dog Bravo is an optimist.  If his owner puts him on a leash, for example where there are motorcycles or huge predators, he thinks “That's OK, I'll be safe.  I'm the only one who needs to be taken care of.”  This adorable dog with his thoughtful face will obediently let you put on his leash.  We think that even when the milk was still wet on his lips as a puppy, he was quick to ask himself where his mother was going.  He looked around with his wondering eyes, taking everything in and finding they key to a new optimism there.  The main thing is to be firm on your feet.  It is difficult ever to be angry with such a dog, no matter what the circumstances – even if you find a wet spot on the floor.  That's children for you! 

The cost of a good Pomeranian in Russia is much the same as in the rest of the world.  A good dog is always worth a lot of money.


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