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Pomeranian Dream Team White The Rocky (import Thailand)

Sex: Male
Color: white
Owner: Elena Gaynulina

2*BIG-1, BIS-2, BIS-J -1
Junior Russian Champion
Russian Champion


Rocky arrived at our kennel aged 11 months. When I saw a photo of our Rocky it was love at first sight, and without thinking, I paid a lot of money for him. I saw he was a dog of show quality. Then there were the long days of waiting for the arrival of our Rocky from Thailand. Seeing Rocky in the flesh, I realized that this was the white dog I dreamed of! And he was all mine! I was absolutely overjoyed. Rocky is a real little friend, he likes to play with the puppies and children. Rocky is always "ahead of the rest": he is the leader of our Pomeranian family, when I give out vitamins, he runs faster than anyone as soon as he hears the jingling jars, and demands that I give him the vitamins first. Rocky is the ideal of a white Pomeranian, he charms everyone on social networks, who love to meet an adult Pomeranian of such a crystal white colour – it’s a real rarity. Rocky has a perfect short body, a long neck, great hocks on both the front and hind legs, a high-set tail, elegant, proper structure, a lovely coat, a very beautiful head and the smile of the Pomeranian breed. Rocky is a great dad. In our kennel a lot of snow-white Pomeranian puppies have been born to him. Rocky’s children are already involved in the biggest exhibition in the country and experts are awarding them the highest scores. Rocky was shown at the European Championship 2013 and won a prize. Now Rocky is getting ready for the World Marathon exhibitions. We are happy that this beautiful dog is living in our kennel!



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