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Pomeranian Faemor ot Pandy Sharm

Sex: Male
Birthdate: 06.02.2016
Color: orange
Potential: pet quality


Faemor ot Pandy Sharm

Thai Silk Koko Dzhambo

Chriscendo Chronicle

Tokie Thru Calling

Фэ Амор Де Латика от Панды Шарм
Чемпион России, Чемпион РФЛС, Чемпион ОАНКОО, Чемпион РФСС

We talked about a hundred times about our  Pomeranian puppies,that  this one is our favorite. But what to do if every time - is that true? Let me introduce one more treasure - Feamor. The one case where the miraculous character combined with a spectacular appearance. Sweetly attractive face, a luxurious coat and tightly packed - a shot in the heart! - Charming white "sock". It seems that the second he lost when in a hurry to meet you. Or exchanged for a piece of banana.


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