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Maltese Valensika Belle ot Pandy Sharm

Sex: Female
Owner: Rychkova & Gaynulina

отл., САС


Maltese Valencika Belle loves attention and is the life and soul of any party. She happily poses for the camera, and her perfect snow-white coat makes it easy to create a sweet and light image of her, like a small summer cloud. Very kind, affectionate and a little flirtatious Valensika is always in the spotlight, children, in particular, love her for her mild and very calm nature, her curiosity and her activeness. This dog has a well-mannered, calm temperament and amazing kindness, meekness and gentleness. In our imagination, this little lapdog has a halo around her head. So our girl flutters day after day from flower to flower and we admire her and sigh: "All the same, people are a long way away from dogs (especially if the dog is a Maltese)"!


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