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Maltese Istorie-Beliss ot Pandy Sharm

Sex: Female

Father: Illusion Of Lovely House (import Korea)

Junior Russian Champion, Russian Champion, RKF Champion

Mother: Valensika Belle ot Pandy Sharm

отл., САС

In nature there are known predators and snakes. The latter are dangerous hypnotists. But men have invited hypnotists of a different kind into their house - dogs who do not release the trusting eyes of a master. Buying a puppy Maltese is equivalent to become a member of the community ... Our Veri is a docile lady and has a dedicated expression for looking at people and using her ability to hypnotize. "Tender hands - this is my dream," her puppy dog ​​look seems to say. Skipping, galloping she hurries to us and we expect to feel this wet nose poked into our palm. The bustler simply strays on her four paws, but we try to listen when she says "Go! Run!". We look forward to breeding from her!


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