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King Charles Spaniel In-Extenso De Sorine (Tefio)

Sex: Male
Owner: Elena Gaynulina

Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, RKF, 6-Best of Breed.


Sultry and handsome Tefios is a dog with unique pedigree. This breed is an ideal companion for even an inexperienced owner because the King Charles Spaniel does not need special care. This little child is always insanely happy in human society.

Tefio gets along very well with both adults and children. The breed is playful and mischievous, so time with the dog always is always full of fun games and entertainment.

A spaniel's life expectancy is from 10 to 13 years. The breed is fairly hardy and its representatives prefer an active lifestyle which can be seen in the constant cheerfulness and restless movement of the animals.

In spite of his love of action, Tefio is perfectly house trained and totally obedient, obeying the every word of his beloved master.



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