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King Charles Spaniel Sang Hoon Lee Venice

Sex: Female
Color: ruby
Owner: Elena Gaynulina

RKF Champion


King Charles Spaniel - a funny breed of dog, one of the representatives of which can be a true friend to you. Despite its simple shape, this lovely creation has a rather serious pedigree, so if you are looking for a puppy of aristocratic origin, there is no better option to be found.

She is incredibly flexible, it's simply impossible to be bored around her. This dog gives us a lot of positive emotions. Her gentle face can not fail to please and surprise, it seems that she understands everything perfectly.

She is absolutely not aggressive, very welcoming and friendly and she is extremely loyal and always greets us as though we've been away for a month (even if we've literally not been away 5 minutes). She passes her gentle disposition on to her puppies.


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