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Чихуа-хуа Tanta import Thailand

Пол: Сука
Окрас: white orange
Владелец: Elena Gaynulina

RKF Champion

Once, one Mexican president, as a sign of admiration for the talent of the famous singer Adeline Pati, gave her a chihuahua puppy, hidden inside a bouquet of flowers. Who said that the best friends of girls are diamonds? Our Tanta is a real jewel in the collection of the kennel from Panda Sharm. Brought from Thailand by famous manufacturers, known for their strong, healthy bloodlines, she has already proved to be an excellent producer and has collected compliments of admired experts at breed shows. What chihuahua, you ask? Excellent hearing and extremely observant, can become indispensable helpers in life, such as our Tanta.



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