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Чихуа-хуа Mayama-Gold ot Pandy Sharm

Пол: Сука
Окрас: white orange
Владелец: Elena Gaynulina


Elite Chihuahuas have minimal height and weight, the right proportions of the body, even bite, beautiful color and a doll's face, which is called "bebifeys". Such a dog is not cheap, but it can be an indicator of respectability and special status, such as diamonds or an expensive car.

Our elite Chihuahuas, different in form and temperament, but Mayama is something special, what is called a "luxury class". She has the true appearance of a sneeze, a balanced character and secular manners. As a companion, to attend receptions it is impeccable. Mayama is an ideal option, especially since she likes to sit in a bag and allows herself to be ironed by everyone. She has already shown herself as a great producer and her puppies have very impressive results on show rings of exhibitions of different ranks.


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