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Чихуа-хуа Brenta Gold ot Pandy Sharm

Пол: Сука
Окрас: red
Владелец: Elena Gaynulina

Red chihuahuas are like tiny suns. At the sight of them it is impossible to pass by and not to stroke. Now this color is at the peak of popularity, as many people want to have their own sun at home. Brenta is a bright red-haired girl with gay eyes, a curious nose and an inordinate thirst for life. Perhaps we lacked activity, and it was Brenta who brought it into our lives with interest. Running, jumps on the couch, merry barking and other fun we are provided with round day. Red chihuahua puppies from this female are sometimes for sale on our website, and we are proud of the lines with which we work, because in our pedigrees the best world lines.


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