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Biro Yorkie American Boy From My Beautiful Tribe (import USA)

Sex: Male
Owner: Gaynulina E


Our one and only Biro Yorkie boy is aware of his uniqueness and is a little monster. He loves adventure and fun and getting up to mischief with the children. He is very energetic, loves outdoor games, and hide and seek. He loves to romp and enjoys walks in good weather; he particularly enjoys warm summer evenings and never sits still. A faithful friend and accomplice in all family matters, this Biro Yorkie loves a change of scenery and new experiences. This boy is easy to train and loves to exercise so with him around there's never a dull moment, he radiates positivity not just to his family, but also to the people around him. He came to us from the United States and has already repeatedly proved his worth by becoming the father of a whole galaxy of titled children



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