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Biewer Yorkshire terrier Dianne von El Cassius Dio

Sex: Female
Color: schwarz-weiss-gold
Owner: Elena Gaynulina

Russian Champion

Diana. There are few dogs who can be compared to our poppet Di with both her pride and her ability to "comport" herself perfectly. Truly royal dignity! However, even Royalty has its weaknesses. Diana's guilty pleasure is our home-made Adygei cheese. Of course, almost all dogs love it, but none of them long for it like she does. Then you can see the tears in her eyes, the shake of her paws and tail and the groans of pleasure when the coveted delicacy is finally received. If the cheese is not nearby, Diana will easily turn up her pretty nose and let you know her mind. This Biewer yorkie deserves a novel dedicated just to her. Look at the picture and see everything for yourself.


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