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Biewer Yorkshire terrier Rinocchio Ot Pandy Sharm

Sex: Male
Birthdate: 20.03.2015
Price: Ekaterinburg

mum: Intimissima Luxsus Lazuri (import Hungarn) 

Multi-colored spots and play on puppy Biewer yorkie - a piece-work of Nature. With delight and cries of Hurrah !, the new owners will take our pet into their home! On the floor, the dog will look for your hands until you get used to the surroundings. Detached house - of course, salvation. Your love for your pet can be manifested in many different ways: the soft mat and the best delicacies, so to speak, the whole world you're ready to put his little paws. You do not notice how time flies - you two will add strength and inspiration for communication. And your children this Biewer Yorkie will become a partner in a variety of games - is about to begin playing Dr. Dolittle, who treats animals.


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