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Our dogs are true Favorites of the Urals


12/02/2018. at the dog show “Favorites of the Urals” we exhibited 5 of our Pomeranian Spitz and 1 Yorkshire Terrier. The results pleased us and the owners:
1) CEZARMAN'S OT PANDY SHARM Pomeranian, which debuted at the exhibition in the junior class, won the class, received J.CAC and the title of best male junior dog
2) CEZZARA SWEET OT PANDY SHARM Pomeranian is the best junior female J.CAC, the best junior and the best female. At this show, the last J.CAC was received to close the title of Junior Champion of Russia
3) male pom DVORTSOVIY PES MIL CRYSTAL CRAND 1st place in intermediate class, CAC, CW, RFSS Champion. The kid at this show has closed the title Champion of Russia! Congratulations to the breeder Elena Dvoretskaya!
4) in the middle class, our girl OBSESSION SUMMER PREMIERA POLAND - CAC, CW, RKF Champion, best bitch, won the title of Champion of Russia! Congratulations to the breeder Bozena Borkowska-Grochala.
5) In the champion class, the winner became Multi.Ch. World.Ch. THAI SILK UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE - CAC, CW, RKF Champion and BOB and second place in the BEST group! Hooray Trevor breeder Svetlana Mironenko.
Special thanks to Judge Chupris T.
6) Our Yorkshire terrier RUSH BRAVO OT PANDY SHARM won the junior class, got J.CAC, J.BOB, BOB. Congratulations to the owner Svetlana Stepovaya.


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