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New Champions of Armenia in our home

Rumbarina ot Pandy Sharm 2- CAC, 2-CACIB, 2-BOB, 5- BIG-2, Champion of Armenia; Zhigan Lemon ot Pandy Sharm J.CAC. J.BOB, Junior Champion of Armenia, CAC. R.CACIB, Champion of Armenia; CH.FULL HOUSEDOM OXFORD PREMIERA - Champion of Armenia

New Club Winner of King Charles Spaniel breed

King Charles Spaniel Din-Di-Lyn ot Pandy Sharm CW ranked BOS and CC - New Champion of the National Breed Club, New Grand Champion of Russia

Our dogs are true Favorites of the Urals

Pomeranians CEZARMAN'S OT PANDY SHARM received J.CAC, CEZZARA SWEET OT PANDY SHARM is the best junior female J.CAC, male pom DVORTSOVIY PES MIL CRYSTAL CRAND 1st place in intermediate class, CAC, CW, RFSS Champion, OBSESSION...

our Mastiff Junior Champion of Belarus

Tibetan mastiff Yuning Teddy ot Panda Sharm ака TEDDY ( 10 months ) won junior class, received CW, JCAC, BOS and JUNIOR CHAMPION BELARUS tittle!

Kennel ot Pandy Sharm  Best breeder of  the show

Pomeranians Simbar Unique ot Pandy Sharm 1-exc big perspective, CW, Best Puppy of the breed, ALKIND OT PANDY SHARM 1, J.CAC, BEST JUNIOR, CEZZARA SWEET OT PANDY SHARM 1-J.CAC, Best Female, OBSESSION SUMMER PREMIERA POLAND 1-CAC...

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